O-Ring joints eliminate vacuum leaks and vacuum grease

  B/R spinning band systems are equipped with o-ring joints.


O-ring joints are awesome! They make vacuum tight seals without the use of vacuum grease.
Finding vacuum leaks is time consuming and frustrating. O-ring joints make such good seals that having a vacuum leak will be rare.

The o-ring sits in a polished grove on the male half of the joint. The pressure of a pinch clamp will provide enough force to complete the seal between the male and female parts of the joint. Vacuum pulls the joint together even more, improving the seal. The lower the vacuum the better the seal. No vacuum grease is needed.

Vacuum grease is not food grade. If you have vacuum greased joints in the path of your main THC fraction then you have vacuum grease contaminating your finished product.

Nobody wants to vape or eat vacuum grease.

Vacuum grease on standard taper joint



O-ring standard taper joint


O-ring standard taper joint, assembled


O-ring standard taper joint with securing clip


Nearly every wiped film and short path distillation system uses greased joints.
B/R spinning band exclusively uses o-ring joints. No vacuum leaks. No vacuum grease in our product.

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