NRTL Safety Certification for distillation of botanical extracts

by brblog on October 29, 2018

The B/R 9200 distillation system is has a been listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory!  We’d be happy to supply a copy of our certification upon request.

Is your equipment certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory? This industry grew so quickly that many uncertified products have infiltrated production facilities.

Safety First Sign

NRTL Safety certifications are important for:

  • Insurance coverage – if you use uncertified equipment and have a fire will your insurance cover it?
  • Compliance with local and state ordinances – avoid fines and penalties from OSHA
  • Safety of the operator and your facility – keep your investment and employees safe

NRTL ListedFor laboratory equipment UL 61010-1 is the most commonly used standard for certification. Some of the most common NRTL labs are CSA, UL and ETL.  Check a product’s certification by going to the UL, ETL or CSA websites and searching under the company name or equipment model number.

Certification involves extensive testing and investigation of the product.  Random quarterly inspections by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory of manufacturing facilities ensure that NRTL certified products remain up to safety standards.

Some manufactures will advertise that they use all certified components.  That doesn’t make it NRTL certified.  There is still a lot of testing and compliance issues that must be verified before a product can earn  NRTL certification.

The B/R 9200, 9400 and 9600 have earned certification by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for UL standard 61010-1.

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  • I am interested in distillation systems and training. I am researching different companies and trying to find the right one for my needs. Please attach your certification information along with any information on a C1D1 process safety/training product you may have in addition to your extraction products. Thank you.

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