Cannabinoid Distillation Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a B/R spinning band distillation system couldn’t be easier. Just distill some ethanol to dissolve any residue left behind in the boiler, distillation column, fraction collector and receivers.  No need to disassemble the distillation column in order to clean.

For cleaning after a run, just load a boiling flask with ethanol, launch the automatic cleaning program and ethanol will distill through the system. The hot ethanol is perfect for dissolving residual oil from the distillation path.  As a bonus you can even recycle the ethanol used for cleaning.


  • distillation column
  • spinning band
  • condenser
  • sidearm
  • fraction collector
  • receivers
  • boiling flask

Wiped film systems require the operator to remove the fragile glass body($10,000) for cleaning of the body and wipers.  The ability to clean the spinning band system in place without the handling of the expensive distillation column and saves a lot of time and potential breakage.   Also, unlike a wiped film where scrubbing the wipers is required, there is no need to clean the spinning band beyond the quick ethanol “distillation.”


Cleaning Tasks


Wiped Film Distillation

Spinning Band Distillation

Remove glass distillation column to clean



Scrub Wiper Blades



Number of cleaning cycles required per batch of distillate

At least 3




Estimated time: 15-20 minutes.  Don’t forget to recycle the dirty alcohol when cleaning is finished..

Got a tougher substance to clean?

Try “Alconox”


Remember to replace your vacuum hose lines, especially if they appear dirty or have any cracks or kinks.

Check your vacuum pump’s oil frequently for terpene contamination. Pump oil is a lot cheaper than a new vacuum pump!

O-rings and gaskets may need to be replaced occasionally.


Spinning Band lifetime: 6 months – 3 years

Some may last longer, it depends on the frequency of usage. Teflon’s recommended operation temperature is up to 225 C.

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